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How Where You Live Affects Your Health

Both the physical and social elements of your home and neighborhood can have more of an effect on your health than you think. There are several factors that play a role in your lifestyle choices, physical and emotional health, as well as any preexisting conditions.

Climate: Especially if you were born with or developed a condition that may be debilitating, your climate can be a large factor in your overall health. Different climates produce different reactions in people both mentally and physically. You may flourish in the tropics, at a high altitude with dry air, or in a temperate climate. The important part is knowing where you stand and finding the part of the world that works best for you.

Physical Characteristics: The layout of your area or neighborhood are important. While it is part of your mission to stay healthy and find time to exercise, those who live in crowded urban neighborhoods are less likely to take the time or have the resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Those who are in a more rural or suburban area may have parks, walking paths, or biking trail which are convenient and promote outdoor exercise.

Society: Living in an area that has many outdoor community activities such as surfing near the beach, biking in the mountains, or skiing where it’s snowy, can promote a healthy exercise routine. It may also be as simple as participating with neighbors in a community field day or seasonal 5k. A strong sense of community or traditions can encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Food Resources: The type of food available is also a variable when deciding on a healthy place to live. If you live in an area with a temperate environment where local farms can provide fresh food all year round, or you can grow your own garden, it is easier to live healthily. Also, the types of food that can be grown due to the soil or other weather conditions, and their nutritional value can vary by location.

Toxicity Levels: Certain areas of the world can have different toxicity levels due to air and water pollution. If you live in a highly-populated area where people commute and factories are prevalent, there is a higher risk of toxins in the air you breathe or the water you drink.

The area you live in can have a major effect on your lifestyle, the exposure to toxic elements, and your ability to improve your life through healthy choices. Surround yourself with a community that motivates you and an environment that gives you the opportunity to better your health.