Can members of the public fill their prescriptions at the DASAE Pharmacy?

Apart from inpatients and outpatients, DASAE is here to serve members of the public. We fill prescriptions, provided over the counter items and other healthcare accessories.

Do I have to use DASAE Pharmacy?

No, you are not required to use DASAE Pharmacy. If there is another pharmacy that you frequent, or if you are an overseas patient, feel free to have your prescription filled at the location of your preference.

Why is my medication still out of stock?

A bevy of reasons, there could be a batch recall or the shipment itself might be spoiled. The manufacturers may be unable to get the ingredients. The drug may be high in demand and not able to meet supply needs or a manufacturer might be waiting to accumulate a large enough order on this item(s) to match profit with production/shipping costs. There could also be a cost issue causing friction with obtaining the drug from the manufacturer as well. In any case, talk to your doctor! Do not delay; there are usually other options that can be utilized.

Can I get extra installments of my medication when travelling?

If your medication is a benefit drug, not on the formulary, and your vacation or travels fall on your due date to repeat your prescription then yes! Just ask your pharmacist and you will be able to get up to an extra month of refills.

Why do I need blood tests?

Blood tests will check for irregularities and ensure the medication prescribed is working and not causing damage to any of your systems.

What should I do if I miss a dose of my medication?

First, double check the remaining amount of medication you have left .Compare this with your prescribed dosage and how long you've been on this regimen to verify that you have in fact missed a dose. If this is the case, immediately take your prescribed dosage and continue as usual. It's best to avoid "doubling up” to compensate for missed medications. This could result in an overdose.

Why do I have to pay full price for OTC (Over the Counter) drugs?

Unfortunately OTC drugs are not subsidized by the government. Unsubsidized items are not covered by health benefits.