Are the Medical Center's doctors licensed?

Yes. All Medical Center physicians are fully licensed by to practice their specialty in Barbados.

Should I be with a companion when I travel to Barbados for medical reasons?

It’s advisable to take a companion with you, especially if you’re planning to undergo surgery or any extensive medical procedures. Aside from giving you support and company, he or she can handle the paperwork and act as a liaison between you and the hospital. Your experience will be more convenient if you have a companion with you in your trip.

Will I be able to speak with the doctor who is performing my procedure BEFORE I make the commitment?

Absolutely. Once we have identified the best clinician for your procedure based on your medical record and our research, we will arrange a phone call between you and the doctor via a teleconference. If needed, we can even arrange to have your doctors at home join us on the call.

How long will I spend recovering before I can return home?

This is highly variable, and depends entirely on your procedure, your health, and the speed of your recuperation. We recommend to people that the average convalescence time in Barbados is one to three weeks. However, we can give you a more accurate estimate after your medical record has been reviewed and consulted with the doctor who will perform your procedure.

Why choose Barbados for your medical care?

Barbados has long been recognized as a luxury getaway that is safe, secure and easy to access from all destinations. We are sunny all year round and therefore you can spend your recuperation time enjoying the cool breezes and blue skies. Our standard of care on the island is on par to any facility in the USA, UK and Canada with qualified professionals with many years of experience.